Sunday, December 27, 2009

Argentina: Retrospective

Argentina Recap

1. It's a plan!, 2. Old Man Plant, 3. Zorro with his tools, 4. Can't help myself..., 5. My view, 6. Onion, Carrot, Garbanzo Bean Soup!, 7. Mom and Me at Casa Rosada, 8. Packing up, moving out, 9. All bundled up, 10. Cacti!, 11. Glad I Wasn't Driving..., 12. Ninja!, 13. "Little Bird, Big World" Inspiration

Argentina is the single biggest topic of my year, and therefor deserves her own post! This isn't to say that nothing else happened since I left Argentina, but I think it's safe to say that the bulk of my excitement took place during those 5 and a half months (or really, during the last month). I learned to weave, to cook, to speak Spanish, to identify birds (in Spanish!), and to have faith. I taught Federico (the man at the hardware shop) to make hula hoops! I learned to party, I learned to navigate, to observe, and to take things as they come (though robbery is hard to let go). I learned that friendly knitters are universal but good yarn is not. I learned that I can feel at home in another land. I learned to slow down and then promptly forgot in the instant my plane hit the tarmac...we're just not a mellow people!

Looking back, Argentina has had a profound impact on me. Some lessons have been forgotten, but I am left with a profound need to go back with awareness I have now and see what new lessons await me!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wrapping gifts is my favorite part. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Friday, December 18, 2009

FO: Opus Spicatum

Christmas knitting begins....

Secret Santa, originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

Pattern: Opus Spicatum by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Size: Unmodified
Materials: 2 half skeins Wave from Filatura Di Crossa
Needles: US 9 /5.5 mm
Start Date: November 16, 2009
Finish Date: November 29, 2009
On Ravelry

This was my first gifted knit of the season, an Opus Spicatum hat knit for my secret santa. I think it was my most successful Christmas knit of the year (I DEFINITELY didn't accomplish all I wanted to...) and I wish the rest could be up to this caliber. I just had a really bad year, knit-wise. I was out of commission for the better part of this fall. I loved the yarn and the pattern, both were easy to work with and delightful! Careful, the yarn blocks generously, which is good for this sort of hat I suppose. I was hesitant to block too heavily because I have such a big head compared to other girls once you factor in my dreads. I sometimes lose perspective. In any case, I was sad to see the hat go, but it was well received!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

SA Sunday: Purmamarca, Jujuy, Argentina

You can thank The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club by Jessica Morrison for inspiring this installment of South America Sunday. That and the fact that I finally have free time again with classes over...

I'm picking up from where I left off in Tilcara, Jujuy.


What's not to love?
One of many beautiful scenes we encountered

From the journal:
6 de Julio, 2009 written on a colectivo en route to a then unknown location between Salta City and Cafayate, Salta, Argentina.
...From Tilcara we took a day trip to Purmamarca to see the Cilla de Siete Colores (Hill of Seven Colors). Though the town is tiny the 2km walk around the "hill" was VERY impressive. We took tons of photos! We met a lovely family from Michigan who were very friendly and had really adorable children! We paid 40 pesos and took a remis (a car for hire) up to Las Salinas Grandes (Salt flats on the road to Bolivia). The ride totaled 3 hours and I would estimate that we were at the salt flats for 15 minutes. Totally worth it though! The flats were incredible. It was like another planet. I could hardly see because of the sun reflecting off the huge white landscape. It looked like snow...
...Back in Tilcara I learned the danger of combining guilt and Fernet con Coca when I nearly cut off a dreadlock to give to a man I had mistakenly insulted the day before. I am grateful and forever indebted to Ashley for putting a stop to the madness...

Imagine this being your backyard...
Purmamarca's backyard. Are you jealous? I am.

Town is a generous word for Purmamarca (though who am I to talk, coming from where I do) but it has a treasure in those hills. The hills were ridiculous. Every corner we turned yielded more perfect photo ops and elicited more oohs and aahs. It never got old. I think we could have walked around the route 3 more times without getting bored! Remarkably, we only encountered two or three other people on our walk. A car full drove by, and a little boy was sitting under an overhang selling trinkets. I think he had a slow day...It is incredible that the area is not more heavily populated.

Salt Formations
A salt ridge at Las Salinas Grandes

We were late getting to our remis for our trip to Las Salinas, and unable to find a restroom, we begged the driver for some direction. He promptly knocked on the door of the house we were outside of, and they let us use their toilet. I was incredibly grateful that I spoke Spanish at that point. It was awkward.

My very own...
My very own nativity set

Never inclined to miss an opportunity to shop, Ashley and I scooped up some treasures in the decidedly more pricy market around the town center. Frankly I am beginning to wonder if all of Argentina has conspired to make it impossible to catch a bus without waiting for hours near a market. The result was this lovely nativity set that is currently residing on top of my TV.

Quinoa Salad at El Cardón
Quinoa salad and tamales...mmmm

To pass the time we also had a delicious and remarkably healthy meal at a lovely (I think the only...) hostel in town, right across from the bus stop (El Cardón, I believe).

In short, Purmamarca is a fabulous day trip! Don't spend the night there though...there isn't enough to do besides shop!

For more photos please visit my Flickr album: Jujuy
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Preparations...

Just thought I'd let y'all know that there's free shipping in my Etsy shop until midnight tonight! It's my little way of helping your holiday season easier. I also have the perfect gift wrap available! For just $2.00 you will get a sweet, handcrafted pillow box with tissue and a coordinating tie. Really, how much easier does it get?

I also want to remind everyone that my last two events of the year are this Friday and Saturday! I will be at Bard College on Friday and Hawthorne Valley School on Saturday. Come see me!

I know I've mentioned this before, but you can find out about these deals and other news before their almost over by signing up for my mailing list! You can join up by visiting ::this link::

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Slowly but surely...Ten on Tuesday

I'm going to ease myself back into blogging with this Ten on Tuesday. It's remarkably relevant to the self-study project I just started for myself.

In no particular order, 10 Things You Wish You Knew How to Do (or wish you could actually do. In some cases I understand the process but don't have the physical skill or simply suck at...)

1. Weld and hot forge steel
2. Ply yarn
3. Write a resume
4. Program websites
5. Take full advantage of Excel
6. Fix my car
7. Wire electricity
8. Can foods
9. Bake bread
10. Screenprint

There are still a lot more things to add to this list! I guess I'll never want for something to learn!

What would you like to know how to do? Maybe we can all help each other!

Monday, November 16, 2009

End of the 2009 season, please come join me!

I'm really sorry that I've fallen off the blog map. It wasn't on purpose, but life has sort of been getting the better of me lately. I wanted to share with you the dates and locations of my last three shows of the year.

Nov. 21st Valley Central School, Montgomery, NY

Dec. 4th Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Dec. 5th Hawthorne Valley School, Harlemville, NY

It would be great to see some of you there! If you decide to stop by don't forget to print out this coupon and save 15% off your entire purchase!

I'd also like to invite you all to join my mailing list! I won't e-mail you constantly, just once in a while when I'm running a deal, announcing some shows or releasing some new and exciting designs! You can join up by visiting ::this link::

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Craft Fair Schedule!

Don't get too computer is still in the shop. I can't say I have anything nice to say about the Geek Squad at Best I'm not going to say anything!

I'm not quite as busy this fall because it was difficult to organize everything from abroad, but here's the plan! I hope some of you can stop by! There may be additional dates, so this list might grow a bit...

Sep. 19 Pawling Arts & Crafts Fest, Pawling, NY
Oct. 3 Hudson High School Craft Fair, Hudson, NY
Oct. 10-11
Warren Fall Festival, Warren, CT
Oct. 17 Hillsdale Farmer’s Market

As always, if you've got any questions or need directions don't hesitate to ask!
RobinMarie [at] Soasadesigns [dot] com

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My computer is in the shop, and I find it impossible to work from any other computer (and not for lack of options...there are four others in our one bedroom apartment.) Please excuse my week of silence. I expected to have it back sooner! I should be back with this week's SA Sunday.

In the meantime I'm getting a lot of reading and knitting done! It's sort of nice to unplug...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

SA Sunday: Tilcara, Jujuy, Argentina

Room with a view
View from the ruins, overlooking the valley

From the journal:
5 de julio, 2009 Hostel Terra Oculta, Salta City, Salta, Argentina
...The second stop on our journey was Tilcara, about an hour south of Humahuaca. It is a bit bigger and decidedly more touristy. Though our hostel was cheaper (a mere $25 pesos) the rest of the town was more expensive. We showed down some lovely fried empanadas and delicious treats from Mama Pacha, our new favorite shop in all of Argentina. Our first evening there we picnicked in the plaza with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, grilled flatbreads and pumpkin alfahores [how posh!]. It was very pleasant, though we were eventually frightened away by some wild and reproductively intact dogs...

Doesn't it scream "pet me!" ?
Cacti in the botanical garden

We flaked a little bit in Tilcara, opting not to do the recommended hikes because our potential guide was trying very hard to rip us off, and we didn't find him all that pleasant to begin with. We spent a couple of nights in the Pena right in the plaza where we saw the two groups you see pictured. We were aware that it was the tourist bar, but we made a couple of new friends there and thus kept going back. It was there that our trip really began. We forged a little community for ourselves in the three nights that we stayed and by the time we left we were able to walk through the town and greet people as if we lived there.

Rollin' in the dust
Alpaca cria rolling in the dust

We spent a morning in the Pucará Ruins, which are reconstructed pre-columbian ruins. We thought the fake pyramid at the top that was dedicated to the archeologists was pretty funny. We passed an hour or two in the attached botanical garden laughing at the alpaca cria and the "yerba buena" before wandering back into town...

and dance...
Dancing in circles

Awesome Decor at Hostel Tilcara
View of the kitchen decor at Hostel Tilcara (though you can't see the dried frog he had hanging in the window)

For more photos please visit my Flickr album: Jujuy
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fiber Friday: Plans on a rainy day...

Joanne's Fellow Knitter Goodybag

Last year I made it my mission to knit every gift I gave for Christmas, and I succeeded (baaaaaarely). The only exception was the goodybag you see above which I sewed for my Aunt and filled with a pattern she wanted, some gorgeous Jitterbug, and a set of batching stitch markers that I made. I would have knit her something too, but she loves to knit as much as I do (and we knitters always like knitting goodies*)! Having set the bar so high last year, I feel like there's no way I can back down from the challenge this year! My list has been made (and way overly ambitious) since January, but I haven't gotten much done in the way of knitting yet.

I know that the Yarn Harlot has her own special friend who makes her knitting schedule for her every holiday season. I think I'm going to try! I'm sure you all think I'm crazy for thinking about these things now, but just you wait! Of course I'm not going to tell you what I'm planning, both so that it'll be a surprise for the giftees and so that when I fail miserably there isn't any proof, but let me just say that it involves sweaters (yes! plural!) and vests (also plural!) and fairy wings..and on and on. I know I might sound like I'm complaining but I swear I'm not. I LOVE giving handmade gifts, in fact I'll go out of my way to come up with an excuse to gift. Onward with the knitting!

How soon do you start planning for Christmas? Do you like to make your own? Is anyone willing to talk me off the ledge when I'm about to commit Christmas Eve Knitter Harikari with my double pointed #5's?

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*By the way, if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, it's a box bag from Jess of Stitched by Jessalu! Just sayin'...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Starin' up the road and pray to God I see headlights...

Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show from their album O.C.M.S.

Folks, I'm learning to play the guitar. It seemed only natural that my brother teach me using some of the songs he first taught himself to play when he was a beginner. One of those songs that has remained a central part of our family sing-alongs is this fabulous song by Old Crow Medicine Show...and Bob Dylan. We've been singing this song for aaaages and I never realized that it was built around the chorus which was originally an unfinished song by Bob Dylan. According to Wikipedia (I know, I know, I looked it up around the seems to all be kosher) Ketch Secor of OCMS wrote the verses around Bob Dylan's original lyrics. According to Prariegal Bob Dylan also plays the completed song, though I can't find a clip of it. I'd love to hear it if anyone manages to source one out! Hopefully I'll manage to learn this song well enough that my family won't dread hearing it...that would be sad!

The video I've posted above is their official music video. It's not wildly innapropriate but there are a couple ladies dancing in their undies on stage outside the "gentlemen's tent" at a country fair. If this is likely to offend or upset you check out this video instead!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

SA Sunday: Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

Burro in the town square
Burro in a plaza in town

From the journal:
5 de julio, 2009 Hostel Terra Oculta, Salta City, Salta, Argentina

...We flew into the city of Jujuy [on June 30] but were unimpressed and decided to move straight on up to Humahuaca. We enjoyed it there, though I did a shameful amount of shopping, It was a very small town nestled between mountains (as these northern towns are) that was remarkably cold at night in contrast to the desert heat during the day. I especially enjoyed our hostel, Posada del Sol, which was a fair ways out of town and very peaceful. We had a delicious breakfast there of breads and spreads and tea, served in beautiful red earthenware. Both nights we had lovely Irish roommates, the first a young man and the second two girls our own age [all heading up to Bolivia]. I felt at peace there for the first time in weeks. I think I could have stayed much longer...

Cool Darkness, Sweet Relief
Sweet relief from the sun in the tamale shop

The truth is that in Humahuaca there wasn't much to "do" once the gifts had been purchased and we had seen the noontime holy cuckoo clock. For that reason I wholly enjoyed it. We laughed at the sight of dogs running around on rooftops. We wandered around and stared in awe at the views which were unlike anything I had ever seen before, having never left the east coast of the United States. We sat in the square and ate mandarinas, four for a peso, while identifying new birds for my list. We went to bed early, and got up early, a routine which was strange to me, but came naturally during those days. One afternoon we took a walk up to a mirador, a look-out point, that we had been told about. Though we had no idea where we were going we were joined by a dog who never left our sight the entire walk up and down. We ate some tamales and sampled the traditional "locro", a stew that I can't honestly recommend, as it is very greasy and gave us both indigestion.

In this manner we passed two nights in the small town of Humahuaca before catching a 4peso bus to Tilcara...

King of the Mountain
King of the Mountain, our walking friend

Hillside worship
Mountain Worship

For more photos please visit my Flickr album: Jujuy
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Friday, August 14, 2009

FO: Bariloche or Bust - Ears, Project Spectrum: South

Project Spectrum: Bariloche or Bust - Ears, FO, originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

We now (hopefully) return to our regularly scheduled program. It's been a whirlwind ever since I got home! Sorry for the huge gaps in posting. I hope to be back on track now.

Pattern: My own
Size: CO 15st, knit to fit
Materials: 60-70 yds Yanabey Lana Mecha
Needles: #9, 5.5mm
Start Date: June 29, 2009
Finish Date: July 1, 2009
On Ravelry

Project Spectrum: Bariloche or Bust - Ears, FO

This was my project for the July/August period of Project Spectrum. During July and August we focused on the South. I thought it was perfect timing for my trip through Argentina, as we finished our trip in Patagonia. We were also focusing on the color red and the element of fire, which I tried to incorporate in my use of a clay bead, and of course my color choice. My goal was to finish this in time for the south of Argentina where we anticipated it would be very cold. I ended up finishing it on the second night of our trip, up north in the desert. It was freezing cold at night there! Who would have thought?

All bundled up
Tilcara, Northern Argentina*

I couldn’t find a headband pattern that was exactly what I wanted, so I made this one up! It’s a simple 3x3 rib that I reversed every three rows to make it look like a weave. The decorative button is made of clay, while the two functional buttons are bits of branches.

San Martin de los Andes, Southern Argentina*

As you can see I've already gotten a lot of use and enjoyment from it!

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*Thanks to Ashely, my friend and traveling companion, for the photos.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

28 days, 1200 photos

I'm working on it...

I was hoping to have my photos sorted out by the time I got home, but the reality of the situation is that I took HUNDREDS. They all need a little tweaking and a lot of them just need to be deleted, but I have to be careful with them because they represent my Great Adventure and I don't want to lose or ruin any! That's my WIP for this week. I'm planning to spread things out and post a new location each Sunday so that you can travel with me.

I cooked our first meal in our new apartment last night! I made pesto with basil from my Mom's garden. It came out pretty well! We have a gas stove, which was just one of the many added perks of this place. Justin did a great job finding it. Once this is posted I'm going to head out to the backyard and hula hoop with the chickens and goats!

Finally, I just wanted to give a little cheer for myself as this is my 200th post!

Image borrowed from The Market Guardian

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Monday, August 3, 2009

...Just another clown throwing fire at the sky...

This is a very special Music Monday! It's my first post from home! That's right, the trip has ended and I am back in New York. I would say the adventure has ended, but I have begun so many new friendships and I have changed so much that I know that Argentina is not done with me.

A Juggler Out in Traffic - Richard Shindell, from his album Not Far Now

This song is a special one. Shindell's music has always struck me but I feel a closeness with those songs he writes from his experiences in Argentina. On my last day in the city I was running errands and walking through my old neighborhood, remembering. I came to an intersection and found two young men juggling pins in front of traffic. They finished their routine and I was happy to see the number of hands reaching out of car windows to offer change. I smiled, remembering this song. Two blocks later I came across another juggler who seemed to just be learning. He finished his routine too late, and the light turned before he could pass his hat. It occurred to me that there is an art to what they do, beyond their talent. On my way home I took the Subte and to my delight my favorite group of street actors just happened to be in my car. I gave them a smile and one last token. They don't know how much they light up my day, how much people appreciate the relief and amusement that they offer to the city.

I am thrilled to be home, and there were times that I felt strong resentment towards Buenos Aires but I am finding that all I can remember are the good things. I'm grateful for this song as a moment to recall the city I called home for those short but powerful five months.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Border crossing...

Border Crossing

We made it! Customs was scary. There was a girl on our bus who didn't claim the two apples she had in her bag for a snack, and she got dragged off into a dark room and questioned, then charged a $214 fine, US dollars, for the two apples. The view was incredible though.

View from the end of our street

After 8 hours on a bus and in customs we arrived in Valparaiso, a city on the ocean that really lives up to its name. It looks like paradise. Every single person we encountered told us to take off all our jewelry and be very, very careful. So we did....but we were nervous. So far, so good. We are now in Santiago for the day, and this evening we are getting on another 13 hour bus for Pucon, in the south.


Color Parade

We made it to Pablo Neruda's house while we were in Valparaiso. We are pitifully bad at seeing museums, so we were quite proud of ourselves.

Pablo! Mi Amigo!

You can find a few more Chile photos ::here::

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shall we go to Chile today?

That was the question posed at breakast this morning.

The answer? ¨Yea I guess that´d be alright.¨

Hah, such a hard life we´re living!

I´ll write from Chile, pinky swear!

P.S. for some reason every time I view my blog it´s all in black and white. Anyone else having this experience?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving South...Salta, Moldes, Cafayate...

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post! They were lovely to read:)

We arrived in the city of Salta on Sunday, and we found it quite overwhelming. I was sick and we had decided to just move on in the morning. That night we met up with some friends from UCA, and they told us about their next adventure, and invited us along! That´s how we ended up in Moldes, Salta, in a lake front cabin with peacocks and hammocks, canoes and a dog named Tyson. It was truly wonderful. We stayed two nights, went white water rafting, and took a boat trip across the lake to see some rock-paintings!

Home for two nights
Home sweet home...

The crew

View from the road...

The Driver
A funny sight we saw...

Off we go!
Off we went...


I also watched birds! A Kingfisher!

I promise that once I´m home I´ll show you more pictures and perhaps share some bits from my journal. This is just a sort of preview!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

SA Sunday: Ashley, I don´t think we´re in Buenos Aires anymore...

Taken from the Mirador (viewing point) that we think we found in Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina. We´re still not sure we found the right place, but the view was great and it was really windy!

How many of you didn´t belive that I would post today? I didn´t. Please excuse any typos or strange letters, I have a line growing behind me to use the computer. I wanted to share some photos of the beginning of our trip! For more photos check out my Flickr page. They don´t have titles or descriptions yet because the internet out here is pretty slow. Also, I hope you like my outfit, because I only have two!


In Humahuaca we stayed in a WONDERFUL adobe Hostel called Posada El Sol that we highly recommend. Here´s the view from our bedroom door. Homey, right?


It´s the desert! It´s blistering during the day and freezing at night. Look! Cacti! Cactus? We were hiking to the "ruins" in Tilcara, Jujuy, Argentina.


This was taken from a view point at the Hill of Seven Colors. It was incredible! Purmamarca, Jujuy, Argentina.


On our way up to visit the Salinas Grandes. It was SO HIGH. I´ll find out how high soon!


At the Salinas Grandes. That´s all salt! I couldn´t see, so I look like a dork.

I have to run now, becauase the line is huge. Click through an image to get to a few more photos. I promise m,ore news soon!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

I don't need a passport to walk on this earth...

This song is called Hello Bonjour and is available on Michael Franti and Spearhead's album Yell Fire!

I think Michael Franti says it all. I'm leaving really really early tomorrow. I'm so sad to say goodbye to my new friends, but excited to make new ones! Ceci and my Argentine "Banana FoFana" family threw me a "surprise" party (the surprise had to be aborted when I made plans to go out this evening! As for Banana FoFana, I'll explain that another time!). I'm putting (parts of) Michael's lyrics below so you can read through them. I'm not packed, and I'm leaving in about 7 hours. I'm sorry this is late!

This video was filmed in Ireland. Pay special attention to 0:09 - 0:13. That blue and yellow flag? Boca Juniors, baby! Argentine soccer...what what!


I don't need a passport
To walk on this earth,
Anywhere I go cause I was made of this earth
Im born of this earth,
I breath of this earth,
And even with the pain I believe in this earth, So
I wake Up every mornin and Im steppin on the floor,
I wake up every mornin and Im stepping out the door
I got faith in the sky,
Faith in the one,
Faith in the people rockin underneath the sun
Cause every bit of land is a holy land and
Every drop of water is a holy water and
Every single child is a son or a daughter of the one Earth mama and the one Earth papa, So
Don't tell a man that he can't come here cause he got brown eyes and a wavy kind of hair, And
Don't tell a woman that she can't go there because she prays a little different to a God up there
You say you're a Christian
Cause God made you
You say you're a Muslim
Cause god made you
You say you're a Hindu and the next man a Jew
Then we all kill each other
Cause God told us to NAH!

-Hello, hello!
-Bonjour, bonjour!
-Hola, hola!
-Konnichiwa, konnichiwa wa!

....complete lyrics available ::here::


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Sunday, June 28, 2009

SA Sunday: Packing up, moving out

Packing up, moving out, originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

I was going to show you a photo of my packed backpack for our trip, but all of my laundry is still wet, so my bag isn't packed. It's causing me a good deal of stress. Instead I'm going to spend the afternoon reading through some travel guides and packing up my suitcases to put in storage!

I've decided that I can't bear to leave my second BsAs hoop behind. It's my Project Spectrum hoop and it's perfect. I've doubled it up and hopefully it will travel home safely in my suitcase. Cross your fingers for me!

We are in the midst of refining our travel plans, and I have to admit I'm feeling some anxiety. I just feel like we don't have enough time! Maybe I set my heart on accomplishing too much. We're off bright and early Tuesday morning, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to take a deep breath and just let things roll forward. We'll get to what we get to, I suppose. It's going to fly by so fast! I'll try and keep you updated as things change!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

FO: Bariloche or Bust

Click your heels!, originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

I can't believe I missed WIP Wednesday AND Fiber Friday. I've got so much to do for this trip. I hope this isn't an indication of my blogging to come over the next month. I promise to do my very best to keep you updated, but I refuse to miss an opportunity for a great experience, so I don't promise to stay in an blog when I could be out having a good time:) We'll see where the happy medium lies! I do promise pictures though.

Pattern: Two Toe-Up Socks on One Circular Needle by Kristin Bellehumeur
Size: Unmodified
Materials: 290 yds Fiesta Yarns Ballet in Misty Morning
Needles: US 6 / 4.0 mm
Start Date: June 1, 2009
Finish Date: June 25, 2009
On Ravelry

I started these at the beginning of June in hopes that I would have them done by the time I left for my big trip (June 30!!) or at least by the time we got to Bariloche, AR (July 24!). Turns out I got them done way ahead of time! Go me! I didn't knit them very tall because I hate tall socks and I hate it when my socks scrunch down. They're high enough to be comfy with my hiking boots and give me a couple more inches of warmth. They're not my best work, but I'm glad they're done because I'm hoping to whip out one more pair before we arrive in Bariloche. It's going to be cold and we're going to be hiking. I haven't been able to find wool socks here to purchase, so I just have to make them myself.

I knit these with a 1x1 rib with a twisted purl. I like the effect, though they need blocking to even out. The heel is way to shallow do they stretch across the top of my foot in an unflattering way. It was my first shortrow heel, and I'm not sure how I like it. Next time I think I'll do an afterthought heel.

The pattern is great! The yarn is splitty and the colorway is awfully bland for me...but it's really soft. I'm on the fence about it. We'll see how it wears.

Monday, June 22, 2009

And if fate should break my stride, then I'll give you my Vincent to ride...

Richard Thompson - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning from his album Rumor and Sigh

In the interest of full disclosure I loved this song for a long time with no clue that this was Richard Thompson's song*. The first time I heard this song was with my family when we saw Jim Henry perform it on stage with Tracy Grammer. He does a really great job, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. He's damn good on that guitar, and Tracy is stellar on harmony. (The video is down below.) A few months later I was driving home in a snowstorm at 5 in the morning and this song came on the radio. (Gotta love WKZE, they play weird music all day long, but in the early hours of the morning they play really great music. I actually enjoyed my early early morning drives...) In any case, I had to pull the car over because I was moved to tears. Every time I hear Thompson sing this song I cry. It always starts out ith goosebumps and I think I'm going to get by without crying, but the final verse in his incredible voice never fails.

*I also have to admit that I grew up listening to Fairport Convention, but had no idea that Richard Thompson was part of the group until a few months ago. I'm a really horrible music fan. This new addition to my blog has been really good for me in that regard.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

SA Sunday: Lechucita Vizcachera - Birdwatching

Lechucita Vizcachera, originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

I spotted this Burrowing Owl while my friends and I were at a polo club outside the city of Buenos Aires. I couldn't believe how close it let me get!

I've just finished my birdwatching class at UCA, and I'm so pumped about how it went! I'm very sad to say goodbye to my professor and my classmates. We were a small, tight-knit group, and we had a lot of fun together. Yesterday we saw some incredibly cool birds, including a father and son pair of Rufescent Tiger-Herons, a whole mess of Monk Parakeets, a Golden-Breasted Woodpecker, and the silly looking Guira Cuckoo (Looks like he's got bad bedhead, right?).


This is a portion of my list of birds that I've identified from Argentina and the US. It's growing, hopefully forever! I'm very excited to take my book with me on my trip and see what else I can find! You can click the image to see it more clearly.

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Thinking of you...

Thinking of you..., originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

Hi Dad!

I had my friend take this photo for me in Mendoza, Argentina while we were touring the vineyards. I couldn't believe it when I saw the John Deere! I had to give it a hug. It made me think of home and of you. I love you! Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fiber Friday: World Wide Knit in Public Day

I wasn't home for World Wide Knit in Public day this year! I knit in public all the time, but that's beside the point. KIP day is a chance to hang out with your friends and do what you love most! Knit!

I ended up participating in a charity knitting event sponsored by Coats. The reality is that the yarn suuuuucked. It was all acrylic crap. I know that it was a promotional thing but they didn't convince me! I actually ended up buggering my shoulder up a bit because I felt like I HAD to finish something. I didn't, and I'm not going to. I feel a bit guilty, but not guilty enough to hurt myself!

I had a really lovely time with my new knitting friends, and even made some even newer friends at the event. It was all very, very overwhelming because everyone spoke Spanish and I didn't know what was going on most of the time, but it was an adventure!

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