Saturday, July 18, 2009

Border crossing...

Border Crossing

We made it! Customs was scary. There was a girl on our bus who didn't claim the two apples she had in her bag for a snack, and she got dragged off into a dark room and questioned, then charged a $214 fine, US dollars, for the two apples. The view was incredible though.

View from the end of our street

After 8 hours on a bus and in customs we arrived in Valparaiso, a city on the ocean that really lives up to its name. It looks like paradise. Every single person we encountered told us to take off all our jewelry and be very, very careful. So we did....but we were nervous. So far, so good. We are now in Santiago for the day, and this evening we are getting on another 13 hour bus for Pucon, in the south.


Color Parade

We made it to Pablo Neruda's house while we were in Valparaiso. We are pitifully bad at seeing museums, so we were quite proud of ourselves.

Pablo! Mi Amigo!

You can find a few more Chile photos ::here::

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shall we go to Chile today?

That was the question posed at breakast this morning.

The answer? ¨Yea I guess that´d be alright.¨

Hah, such a hard life we´re living!

I´ll write from Chile, pinky swear!

P.S. for some reason every time I view my blog it´s all in black and white. Anyone else having this experience?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving South...Salta, Moldes, Cafayate...

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post! They were lovely to read:)

We arrived in the city of Salta on Sunday, and we found it quite overwhelming. I was sick and we had decided to just move on in the morning. That night we met up with some friends from UCA, and they told us about their next adventure, and invited us along! That´s how we ended up in Moldes, Salta, in a lake front cabin with peacocks and hammocks, canoes and a dog named Tyson. It was truly wonderful. We stayed two nights, went white water rafting, and took a boat trip across the lake to see some rock-paintings!

Home for two nights
Home sweet home...

The crew

View from the road...

The Driver
A funny sight we saw...

Off we go!
Off we went...


I also watched birds! A Kingfisher!

I promise that once I´m home I´ll show you more pictures and perhaps share some bits from my journal. This is just a sort of preview!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

SA Sunday: Ashley, I don´t think we´re in Buenos Aires anymore...

Taken from the Mirador (viewing point) that we think we found in Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina. We´re still not sure we found the right place, but the view was great and it was really windy!

How many of you didn´t belive that I would post today? I didn´t. Please excuse any typos or strange letters, I have a line growing behind me to use the computer. I wanted to share some photos of the beginning of our trip! For more photos check out my Flickr page. They don´t have titles or descriptions yet because the internet out here is pretty slow. Also, I hope you like my outfit, because I only have two!


In Humahuaca we stayed in a WONDERFUL adobe Hostel called Posada El Sol that we highly recommend. Here´s the view from our bedroom door. Homey, right?


It´s the desert! It´s blistering during the day and freezing at night. Look! Cacti! Cactus? We were hiking to the "ruins" in Tilcara, Jujuy, Argentina.


This was taken from a view point at the Hill of Seven Colors. It was incredible! Purmamarca, Jujuy, Argentina.


On our way up to visit the Salinas Grandes. It was SO HIGH. I´ll find out how high soon!


At the Salinas Grandes. That´s all salt! I couldn´t see, so I look like a dork.

I have to run now, becauase the line is huge. Click through an image to get to a few more photos. I promise m,ore news soon!!


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