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FO: Bariloche or Bust - Ears, Project Spectrum: South

Project Spectrum: Bariloche or Bust - Ears, FO, originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

We now (hopefully) return to our regularly scheduled program. It's been a whirlwind ever since I got home! Sorry for the huge gaps in posting. I hope to be back on track now.

Pattern: My own
Size: CO 15st, knit to fit
Materials: 60-70 yds Yanabey Lana Mecha
Needles: #9, 5.5mm
Start Date: June 29, 2009
Finish Date: July 1, 2009
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Project Spectrum: Bariloche or Bust - Ears, FO

This was my project for the July/August period of Project Spectrum. During July and August we focused on the South. I thought it was perfect timing for my trip through Argentina, as we finished our trip in Patagonia. We were also focusing on the color red and the element of fire, which I tried to incorporate in my use of a clay bead, and of course my color choice. My goal was to finish this in time for the south of Argentina where we anticipated it would be very cold. I ended up finishing it on the second night of our trip, up north in the desert. It was freezing cold at night there! Who would have thought?

All bundled up
Tilcara, Northern Argentina*

I couldn’t find a headband pattern that was exactly what I wanted, so I made this one up! It’s a simple 3x3 rib that I reversed every three rows to make it look like a weave. The decorative button is made of clay, while the two functional buttons are bits of branches.

San Martin de los Andes, Southern Argentina*

As you can see I've already gotten a lot of use and enjoyment from it!

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*Thanks to Ashely, my friend and traveling companion, for the photos.

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BetteJo said...

Bits of branches? Amazing stuff!


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