Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Christmas of Knitting

I am WAY LATE making this post, but it's still January, so here goes!

I wanted to share a little bit of what took over my life for the last three months of 2008. Sometimes I go a little crazy with plans...this year it was Christmas knitting. I convinced myself I was planning so far ahead, starting in September, it would be no trouble getting through my list. Never mind that I was full on into sale season and driving every which way across the state in the middle of a hectic semester while still balancing a part time job. Never mind that I need to sleep at night. Or that I planned to knit my brother an entire sweater in the month of November, or that I decided to do it from calculations rather than a pattern. Never mind that finals were the week before Christmas, and I'm trying to get the paperwork done for a study abroad (more on that later.)

No, I was determined. What happens when I'm determined to get something done? I usually do, for better or worse. This year was no exception (well, except the two projects I didn't get done, but they were sort of "if I have time" projects anyway.)

Here's the damage:

1. Manly Lace for Jamie II, 2. Mom's Porphyria, 3. Justin's Gloves, 4. Jordan's Sweater, 5. Joe's Turn a Square, 6. Amanda's Halley's Comet, 7. Joanne's Fellow Knitter Goodybag, 8. Dan's Turn a Square, 9. Helena's Modified Fetchings, 10. Dad's Thuja


BetteJo said...

Wow! You made all that stuff? I am impressed! I mean really. I have made about 5 scarves in my life and have never attempted to learn any further because my short term memory is so bad I can't remember what I'm counting. You're good, lady! Amazing!

Robin Marie said...

Thanks so much! I'm a busybody (really? surprise! not) and knitting is really therapeutic to me because I can sit down and relax but still feel like I'm getting stuff done. I also love to give knitted gifts because I feel like they are a special gesture.

Try a hat! They're really very simple, and require very minimal attention.

Curious George said...

Are you on Ravelry? If you are, we should be friends! If you're not, you should be... google "ravelry" & you'll find an incredible knitting & crocheting community to join. I'm "thesanman."

Also, it was good to hear from you through eljay, at least... How's your life? Things are great at Oberlin... Girlyman is coming in May! Remember seeing them @ NoHo pride in 2006? Anyways, lots of good wishes from the shores of Lake Tahoe... I'm on my way back to school in a few days and stoked about another semester. Hope that all is well, and good luck in Argentina!


Sue Maday Travis (your UpSoCro neighbor)


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