Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Craft Fair Schedule!

Don't get too computer is still in the shop. I can't say I have anything nice to say about the Geek Squad at Best I'm not going to say anything!

I'm not quite as busy this fall because it was difficult to organize everything from abroad, but here's the plan! I hope some of you can stop by! There may be additional dates, so this list might grow a bit...

Sep. 19 Pawling Arts & Crafts Fest, Pawling, NY
Oct. 3 Hudson High School Craft Fair, Hudson, NY
Oct. 10-11
Warren Fall Festival, Warren, CT
Oct. 17 Hillsdale Farmer’s Market

As always, if you've got any questions or need directions don't hesitate to ask!
RobinMarie [at] Soasadesigns [dot] com

1 comment:

BetteJo said...

Nothing in Illinois???

Hope you get your computer back soon. I would have had a meltdown by now.


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