Sunday, August 23, 2009

SA Sunday: Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

Burro in the town square
Burro in a plaza in town

From the journal:
5 de julio, 2009 Hostel Terra Oculta, Salta City, Salta, Argentina

...We flew into the city of Jujuy [on June 30] but were unimpressed and decided to move straight on up to Humahuaca. We enjoyed it there, though I did a shameful amount of shopping, It was a very small town nestled between mountains (as these northern towns are) that was remarkably cold at night in contrast to the desert heat during the day. I especially enjoyed our hostel, Posada del Sol, which was a fair ways out of town and very peaceful. We had a delicious breakfast there of breads and spreads and tea, served in beautiful red earthenware. Both nights we had lovely Irish roommates, the first a young man and the second two girls our own age [all heading up to Bolivia]. I felt at peace there for the first time in weeks. I think I could have stayed much longer...

Cool Darkness, Sweet Relief
Sweet relief from the sun in the tamale shop

The truth is that in Humahuaca there wasn't much to "do" once the gifts had been purchased and we had seen the noontime holy cuckoo clock. For that reason I wholly enjoyed it. We laughed at the sight of dogs running around on rooftops. We wandered around and stared in awe at the views which were unlike anything I had ever seen before, having never left the east coast of the United States. We sat in the square and ate mandarinas, four for a peso, while identifying new birds for my list. We went to bed early, and got up early, a routine which was strange to me, but came naturally during those days. One afternoon we took a walk up to a mirador, a look-out point, that we had been told about. Though we had no idea where we were going we were joined by a dog who never left our sight the entire walk up and down. We ate some tamales and sampled the traditional "locro", a stew that I can't honestly recommend, as it is very greasy and gave us both indigestion.

In this manner we passed two nights in the small town of Humahuaca before catching a 4peso bus to Tilcara...

King of the Mountain
King of the Mountain, our walking friend

Hillside worship
Mountain Worship

For more photos please visit my Flickr album: Jujuy
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BetteJo said...

I love your story telling style, keep going. :)

Robin Marie said...

Thanks BetteJo! I will try to keep my posting more regular!

Melanie said...

OH my god!! Those pictures are beautiful!! I mean, the sun in the animal`s skin is amazing. And I love everything you are saying about Tilcara. I have been there and it made a great impression on me, I was schocked by the culture which I knew nothing about. I stayed in the burrito hostel with my friends and we had the best time. If you go there, you can`t miss the carnival in February.


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