Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pray for Grace

It's been ages. I am sorry for that. I've had an incredibly hectic and personal year, and just didn't feel it should be shared all over the internet.

I do have lots of exciting news to share (I opened a shop!) and I promise that I will be back soon to tell. In the meantime, if you are wondering what's going on with me your best bet is to either join the Soasa mailing list, sign up here or come find me on Facebook.

For now I leave you with this excellent song that is really worth a close listen.

I take a moment to myself
So I can hear myself
To feel myself
And be real myself
Life's addictions and afflictions
'Cause abrasions from their friction
Sometimes it's easier to live in fiction
I can run, but I can't hide
From the pains that reside down deep inside
There is no pill that can be swallowed
There is no guru that can be followed
There's no escapin' from my own history
Those that I hurt and those that hurt me
I was dead for a million years 'fore I was born and
I'll be dead for a million more after I'm gone
So I live to give somethin' that can live on
Like the way you hum a song when the music's gone
Like the warmth of the sand when the sun goes down
And I'm sittin' with myself, nobody else is around, but

Why must I feel like this today?
I'm a soldier, but afraid sometimes
To face the things that may
Block the sun from shining rays
And fill my life with shades of grey
And still I long to find a way
So today, I pray for grace


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