Sunday, May 27, 2007

Safely home...

and a TAG from Cassie of ShopClementine!

Now I must list 7 random facts about myself and then get 7 other people do the same. As Cassie mentioned it'll be a challenge to find people who've not been tagged yet, so leave me comments so I can find new people!

1. I really like turtles.
2. I grew up without TV, and I'm very grateful!
3. I'm a total bookworm/snob but I love trashy romance novels.
4. When I walk around living my life I often carry on a running dialogue in my head between trees, squirrels, rocks, or anything else that might catch my eye. Most commonly I create relationships and personalities for the cars highway. I am not crazy...
5. I love independence, but secretly I love my room in my parents' house so much that I never want to move out.
6. When I was little one of my favorite snacks was cream cheese, jelly, and yellow mustard on rice cakes. It's not disgusting. It looks disgusting, but I think most people would love it if they'd just try it.
7. I have a completely irrational fear of snakes coming out of the drain in the bathtub. Always have.

I had a pretty good weekend, I got to relax a bit, danced my tushy off, and hung out with some cool kids. I'm exhausted though, so I'm going to take a nap!


Tamara said...

Hey Robin, fun facts. :-) You tagged me but I was already tagged a couple of weeks ago, and trust me, thinking of seven interesting things was a stretch - I don't stand a chance of thinking of seven more! :-)

sarahknits said...

I completely understand about the snakes coming out of the drain thing, that is definitely me! Sometimes it's things other than snakes, like alligators (don't ask how it fits, it just does).


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