Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WIP: Quick 'n Dirty

Quick 'n Dirty, originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

My feet are cold. I'm knitting these slipper socks from a felted slipper pattern, but I'm not going to felt them because I'm too cold to knit a pair of socks 5 times too big for me then felt them and wait for them to dry. So really, I'm looking at a pattern for felted slippers, and sort of kind of following it. I didn't follow the heel direction correctly (it's a toe decrease heel, I've never done that before but it's definitely quick n' dirty!) but I'm not taking the mistake out because I don't want to reknit it! Usually I'm very prideful of my work, and I want it to look good and I'll frog it if it doesn't. In this situation, so long as it fits on my foot, I'm happy! So far, so good!

Looking for the FO? It's been blogged!

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