Monday, May 18, 2009

Little bird, little bird fly through my window...

Little Bird, Little Bird - Elizabeth Mitchell

I first encountered this wonderful song by Elizabeth Mitchell over on Cover Lay Down, the awe-inspiring blog of a teacher and friend of mine. Since then I've been unable to resist an ear to ear grin every time I hear it. I hum it on my way to birdwatching class, in the shower, and pretty much everywhere else. Not only is it name-appropriate for my new blog title, but it's an absolutely lovely song!

There was no video on YouTube, and rather than just provide a link to the audio I decided it would be fun to see what sort of child-bird related items I could find on I hope you enjoy what I discovered! There were so many beautiful pieces, I couldn't include every single one, but you'll see that I added the names of the shops to each photo so you can go and see more if you want!

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Sonetchka said...

Si, los dibujos son míos, gracias por el comentario!! :)
Según entendí, es de mis tierras pero vive en otras, nu?

BetteJo said...

That was cute! Funny, I was looking for little birds on Etsy the other night too - for something I was doing for a co-worker. Small world!

Robin Marie said...

That is funny! Lots of similar things have been happening to me lately. The world is shrinking!


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