Saturday, February 16, 2008

Woohoo!!! 101!

This is my 101st post in this blog. Yay me!

I thought the image was fitting, since I'm a farmer's daughter, and I found it here.

As it happens I did a lot today! I woke up at the unreasonable (for a Saturday) hour of 6:30 to ride into Newburgh with my dearest Habitat crew for a freezing cold morning of demolition and organizing. I've never been to a build in Newburgh because I'm usually working, but I had a great time! The volunteers are clearly a tight group, and there are certainly a lot of characters! I spent the better part of the morning sorting through a warehouse full of old and new donated building supplies and taking inventory. My toes were good and frozen by the end of it all, but we got a lot done.

From Newburgh I went straight to the studio and it's from there I just returned. I cleaned the hell out of my space, and I'm wishing that I had the energy to do the same to my apartment, but I'm pooped!

Another bit of very important news is that I've just finished the last bite of the best chocolate I've ever eaten. Messico, by Maglio of Italy is the BEST. It also retails at $10 a bar. That's $10 more than I have available to spend on chocolate, so if anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday, now you know!! I'm also not opposed to trying their dark chocolate varieties. Hint, hint.

In other, other news I just had some of Progresso's Hearty Black Bean soup for dinner, and I think it's a new favorite! Especially with grilled cheese...yum!

I've finished two books in the past week, and I'll post about them separately, and then I'm off to knit!

1 comment:

BetteJo said...

Yay YOU!!!

Mmm-m-m chocolate ...

Yeah - try some of that dark chocolate and I'll live through you vicariously.

And my new favorite soup is Tortilla!


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