Saturday, September 29, 2007

Up All Night

So last night, after the girls left, I couldn't sleep. I think I ate too much chocolate because something kept me up tossing and turning and thinking double-speed. Just as I began to allow the anxiety to overcome me, I had an epiphany! My website design, which has been driving me mad for over a week now, appeared, popped into my head all laid out for me to see! That's not the end of the story, however, because my ability to render anything in Photoshop is nearly useless. Or so I thought. Somehow it all came together fairly easily. I think I was just so determined that I didn't allow myself to get frustrated, I just kept plugging along, looking things up when I couldn't figure them out myself, and starting over when I needed to. There was nothing to distract me because it was 3 in the morning, and I didn't have the brain capacity to be distracted.

I got it done! And when I woke up in the morning it wasn't crap!


I ordered my new business cards this afternoon, and I bit the bullet and got the 7 day shipping (Vista Print totally skims their shipping rates, that's obvious.)

I also updated my banner and avatar on Etsy! This is so much motivation! I'm thrilled to get back into the world of online selling.

Oh! New banner here on the blog as well! Also, Gemma made the whole thing was much easier by introducing her blogreaders to which I utilized to the fullest! Thanks for that!



BetteJo said...

Oh it's perfect! Clean, professional, and artistic!

Honey, I need to take a nap though, just reading about all you've been doing lately!

And you're a Pisces - just like my daughter. I should have known. :)

Robin Marie said...

Aww, I don't want to exhaust you!

I didn't make it to the Habitat build, I didn't get to bed until about 5am and I would have had to get up at 6. I've just taken on another huge project though...

My busy-ness overwhelms me, yet somehow I get things done...eventually.

Thanks for the comments! I'm thrilled with the design:)


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