Friday, September 28, 2007

Here's looking at you, kid...

I always kind of had trouble with having people in my house. It felt invasive. But my goodness, when it's the right group and the right number it's wonderful. Tonight was fabulous. Everything fell together perfectly! I love to be a little hostess when everyone is laughing and eating and having a good time.

It was girls' night, you see, and the girls, Amanda, Elizabeth, Sara and Joanna, were over, and I set up a little picnic-like area in the living room with our fabulously square coffee table, and served cheese fondue with fresh veggies and bread, and the most stellar chocolate fondue with fresh fruit! Despite New Paltz's supreme inability to sell Fondue forks anywhere it was delish, and we topped it all off with some yummy wine, fabulous conversation, and Casablanca.

This is to become a tradition, we have decided, and since I made such an excessive amount of chocolate fondue we'll be eating sundaes next time! Old movies and classic games, topped with good food. We'll be experimenting with different recipes and having a blast! If anyone has any recommendations we welcome them!

I could gush all night long about how happy I am to have really wonderful friends and such good company, but I have to get up hella early for a Habitat for Humanity build, so I'm signing off!

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BetteJo said...

Okay, Habitat for Humanity build? OMG that's a wonderful thing to be involved in! AFTER chocolate fondue yet!

I want some of what you're doing (and I know it's not the chocolate because I do that already) - because my God you sure have a TON of energy!

The difference between being in your 20's as opposed to your 40's? Maybe. But I don't remember having that much energy when I was much younger.

Wow! Well - harness it while you can - and enjoy!


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