Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WIP Say What?

Image a photo of the toes of two socks here. I can´t actually show you that photo because for some unexplained reason UCA has blocked access to (but not Myspace, Facebook, or myriad other sites that other universities, offices and schools have blocked). I thought I was so on the ball, uploading my photo to Flickr before I left so that I could write this post during my break. To paraphrase one of my professors Flickr is a portfolio that you don´t have to carry, but can always look at (assuming you have internet access). Not so here at UCA! Where am I, in China?

In any case, I´ll blog it tonight when I get home. There´s not much sense in talking about something you can´t see!

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lizzzknits said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. At work there are a number of sites that are blocked, so I rush home to check them out in the evening. Yes, the grass is always greener....the sooner I realize it the less frustrated I will be with my lot!


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