Monday, June 15, 2009

On the road again, goin' places that I've never been...

This post isn't going to be just one song, but rather a bunch of songs that either directly relate to travel, or make me want to travel, or that I've always thought of as travel songs!

On the Road Again - Willie Nelson
I know it's kind of cheesy, but what better song to follow my travel map?!

Box of Rain - The Grateful Dead
This one isn't exactly a travel song, but I love these lines and think they fit this situation:
Walk out of any doorway
feel your way, feel your way
like the day before
Maybe you'll find direction
around some corner
where it's been waiting to meet you

Traveler's Prayer - Billy Joel

Che Guevara T-shirt - Richard Shindell

Crocadile Man - Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
Wouldn't you know it? Whoever recorded that festival, I owe them a great deal.

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