Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Little Hater

Hidden in one of her latest posts, Oh, The Joys linked to a video by this dude. It wasn't the video above, but it lead to the video above.

I really needed the video above. I'm pretty down on my blog, because I don't have the time and energy to take pretty photos and post clever posts all the time. I'm not eloquent, and I'm not particularly witty. I work a lot, and lately my little hater has been prevalent in all areas of my life, not just my internet productivity.

I feel like I owe you all (Hi BetteJo!) more than the monthly list of excuses I post up here. Some content would be great. So I'm devoting tonight to catching up on the blogging I've been meaning to do and not doing because I felt it was somehow inadequate or not worth the time. The fact of the mater is that I have some big news, and it doesn't matter how insignificant my daily life is to other people, because I'm not trying to be the Yarn Harlot, and I'm certainly no Dooce, but I do like to keep track of what happens in my life, and this is my little space to do it.


BetteJo said...

Who IS that guy? Now I'm going to have to go see who he is and what he's about. Perfectionism, procrastination and then for me comes being overwhelmed and just not doing anything.
You don't have to be here all the time, God knows you have about a hundred things going at one time. Feed your little hater some ice cream and tell him to chill. :)

Robin Marie said...

He's good, right? Definitely liberal, but he's got a pretty level-headed way about him.

I fed it some cake, and I've posted another post!

BettyJo, thank you so much for your comments. They make all the difference to me.


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