Saturday, January 3, 2009

Late and Brief

Happy New Years!

I'm going to keep this really short for now, because I can't say all I want to say, and I'm having a wicked tendinitis flair-up and the computer makes it a lot worse. My hand has been tingling for about 24 hours now and my arm feels like hell.

Good news first: My resolution last year (privately, I don't know if I made it public) was to become utterly hooked on the gym. It worked, I am. I even just bought myself some weights for the house when I realized that my work schedule might conflict with the gym hours over break. Here's hoping I can keep this trend going.

I did not complete the 50 book challenge this year. I read about 40, and have several half-read. I think that the challenge has served its purpose, and I'll just continue reading and keeping track on my own. It was a great motivation to get me back into my old reading habits, though! I will share the last 8 or so books I read at some later date.

In lieu of a reading challenge, this year I've decided to take on a knitting challenge:

12 adult sized tops in 12 months. This is the reason I'm roaring mad about my elbow being buggered up. Nothing to do but go easy on it...

Anyhow, off the computer for now, hopefully more later as my arm improves.


BetteJo said...

Wow - you don't ask much of yourself, do you? Have you penciled in an hour or 2 to sleep now and again?
Hope your elbow settles down really soon!

Robin Marie said...

Haha, and I haven't even formally announced that I'll be living and studying in Argentina for five months!


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