Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don't Go Towards The Blue Screen!

Yea, it happens to everyone. Including broke, busy, frazzled college students like me. This week was supposed to be chock full of exciting posts about how much jewelry I've been making and all the sales I'm going to, but those are going to have to wait.

You see, on Tuesday morning, 30 minutes before my assignment was due, I booted up to write said assignment only to find that the momentary freezing I'd been experiencing the week before had morphed into a full fledged, deep-freezer freeze. And each time I rebooted in the following 10 minutes it got worse until my computer could only let out a pathetic whimper and a single white line blinked at me. Dead.

An hour on the phone with a very sweet but not so English-friendly tech guy and I reached the conclusion that my trusty old Dell had gone on to a better place. (Read: it's been riding around in the front seat of my car, monitor and all, since Friday, because I can't bring myself to take it to the dump)

"How are you writing this blog?" you may ask. Well, in true college student form I ran around frantically and took out a couple more loans. So now I've got a slim, sexy Toshiba laptop. Very nice. It's still going to take my a few more days to get back to reading and writing around these parts because, as anyone with a new computer knows, it takes a solid 24 hours of downloading and poking and prodding to get the system running the way you like.

I cried. I admit it!

R.I.P My dearest Dell

1 comment:

BetteJo said...

Parallel universe, weird.
My daughter's laptop - 2 months beyond warranty - died. Motherboard. So it was - new computer or new motherboard? Motherboard won. She's been using the computer lab at school, they have one on each floor of her dorm, thank God. Should be ready on Tuesday.
Still say it's weird.


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