Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Neeeeeews

Alrighty, an update! Tomorrow, pictures! (I'm not sure where my cord's gotten off to.)

The farmers market was yesterday. It rocked pretty hard. The first two hours were sheer misery, and then suddenly there were so many people they were bumping into each other. Just had to wait it out I guess. I got the guts up to invest in a decent tent and let me tell you that made all the difference. I got the EZ Up Express II. Anyone looking to invest in a pavilion this is THE one. I love it, and will post pictures soon.

I'm thrilled because all the new designs I'm trying out are selling like mad. The only down side is I don't think I've got pictures of half of them, and don't know how the pictures I did get will turn out! Here's hoping I have something to shop for myself!

I'm exhausted, just home from the Dunkin' (I only wanted to cry twice tonight, which is a record) and Harry Potter 7 is waiting for me in my warm snuggly bed:)

Peace out folks!


I'm looking for a housemate, so if you know anyone looking for a home in New Paltz, I've got one! $333 a month!

Additionally, anyone coming to Falcon Ridge best be stopping by The Hip Ship, located in the Lower Pasture, to make signs and t-shirts and participate in our Free Hugs campaign. We've also got free veggies compliments of my mother:)

1 comment:

BetteJo said...

Lovely to hear you so happy and excited! :)

Harry Potter has already been read from cover to cover at our house by my daughter (who's favorite singer is Ani by the way) - she gave the book to her boyfriend and I get it third. That's okay, I don't mind.

Glad things are working out for you Robin Marie!!!
Can't wait for the pictures!


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