Friday, July 13, 2007

Dunkin Donuts...A big freakin' rant

This post is entirely unprofessional, and I'm aware of that. I tried really hard to only complain to my mom about this, but the poor woman's asleep right now, and she deserves a break anyway. I need to rant.

So, as if I wasn't already stretching myself a bit thin, the boss lady at Dunkin' is taking next week off. Which means that every day is going to be like Sunday, which means that for any self-respecting worker (there are only a few of us) there are hours and hours of too much work ahead trying to keep the place from crumbling down around our ears which will be filled with the whines and sighs of lazy teenagers who're only having a hard time because they won't lift a finger to do anything they aren't explicitly ordered to do.

I work at what must be the single most poorly run Dunkin' Donuts in the country, and as one of those poor souls who still believes in the value of work and cleanliness, I spend a lot of time cleaning up after people and resisting the urge to tear my hair out.

Last night I came home in tears. From Dunkin' Donuts. That shouldn't happen. They left me on my own to close with a kid who's only working night shift because the manager doesn't want to deal with him or fire him so she put him on the hours she doesn't work. That means my hours. That means I have to share a building and tips and work with a bitchy kid who can't get over himself and do a halfway decent job at anything. It isn't because he doesn't know how, it's because he's a lazy piece of worthless angsty teenager crap who has never worked an honest day in his life. So as I sent him home last night after listening to him promise he'd done everything I needed him to do I looked around and burst into tears realizing that if I wanted the place to look halfway decent before I left I would literally have to redo everything I'd asked him to do all evening. The floors were streaked with muddy water, the donut cases were still covered in gobs of frosting and jelly, powdered with a more than fine layer of sugar, and the coffee display was in shambles.

I turned around and walked out. I forgot to punch out, I forgot to lock the drive-thru window.

I hate you Dunkin' Donuts, more than anything. 13 more shifts and I'll be done with you. I swear I'm never coming back. I never thought a stupid job would make me feel so shitty.


AmandaD said...

I don't think that's at all unprofessional, I mean perhaps if you were broadcasting it to the staff...Sounds like you had yourself a piss poor day at a job that has more than its share of challenges.

13 shifts. I had a summer job that had me in some pretty shitty circumstances, I used to mutter under my breath, "Anyone can survive a summer." It was really little solace then, but looking back I am proud of myself for making it through despite the bitching I did in the moment.

Robin Marie said...

Aye, anyone can survive a summer. The bummer is that I've already survived one summer at DD, and ended up having to go back when another summer job fell through. So I'm a bit bitter:)

Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it!

I adore your blog, by the way, it's a fast favorite for sure!

BetteJo said...

Omg I know you're upset and I have been in a similar situation myself from time to time - but this made me laugh! A little. :( Sorry. It was the donut references and powdered sugar and I'm on a diet and oh you're right - Dunkin' Donuts shouldn't do that to anybody! The descriptions of everything were priceless! Hope you don't have to work with any more "angsty teenagers" for the rest of your 13 shifts! Really. :)

Robin Marie said...

11 left!

I'm glad it made you laugh. While I truly am upset with the place I was trying to make my post a bit comically dramatic. I'm glad it gave you a giggle:)

palette48 said...

Sorry that you had a bad night. Sounds like your coworker needs to go.
Can't believe your boss wants to keep someone around like that unless it's her nephew.
It's jobs like these that teach us to know what we don't want to do in life. It's good that you are going to school. My son is working a summer job that he doesn't like and I am hoping that he appreciates college a lot more when he starts in the fall.


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