Monday, June 25, 2007

Long overdue!

Hello world, it's me, Robin Marie!

I've been swamped with work. Completely and utterly overwhelmed. Juggling three jobs isn't always physically challenging (though being on my feet or bent over in a field picking strawberries all day is) but it's certainly an emotional challenge. At night I dream of work, and in the few hours I'm not working or sleeping I'm remembering to eat. Very little in the way of jewelry is getting done, a fact that terrifies and frustrates me. Terrifying because starting the 7th I'll have my booth set up in town every other weekend, open to the hordes of New Yorkers that frequent this town. I'm not at all ready this year. Once or twice a week I get to indulge in the calm quiet of the bead store. Those 7 hours are what keep me sane. Last week I made 40 pairs of earwires, 11 pairs of earrings, and a gorgeous necklace. This week I have a custom peyote sleeve to finish.

I've taken today off, away from my other-life jobs in order to attent to my life. I'm mocking up my brand new booth, about 10 million times improved from last year! I'm doing my laundry, I'm taking stock of my jewelry and supplies, blogging, cleaning my room, and sitting down while I eat.

Pictures of my booth (assembled in the living room) will follow shortly!

Peace, love, and an oasis of free time!

Robin Marie

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BetteJo said...

SO good to hear you're up and around - well - more than around ( !!! ) - and it sounds like you're doing okay. I can tell you're WAY younger than I am to be able to do all that at once! Happy you're back for the moment! :)


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