Friday, February 9, 2007

Re: Playing with Fire

My soldering work didn't look to bad! I didn't burn the building down, I didn't burn myself, and I didn't ruin anything. I'm a bit accident prone, I've found. My prof. was impressed with some of it, and said other pieces needed work. I can live with that.

Our first project is a soldered sculpture made entirely of wire. A bit hefty for a first project, but we'll see how it goes. I'm making a saxophone, because I seem obsessed with the shape. (see: Saxophone)

I'm also supposed to go in and practice my cold connections, and brush up my other soldering samples.

Lately I've been stiching up Peyote sleeves like a fiend. Somehow I ended up with a couple multi-orders at once, which is very exciting, even if it means a bunch of work at once.

I've also been uploading to Etsy, and I'm working on setting up a space to photograph my newer pieces.

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