Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I think I pissed blogger off...

It's been so long since I wrote a proper post that I think Blogger is mad at me. I wrote up a nice one for your guys, but then everything possible went wrong with formating and stuff just broke.

Here's the gist of it. I took a break, and then I had too much news to share, but none of it seemed worthy of a big "I'm back!" kind of post. So I didn't blog for about 8 months.

So here's a little photo representation of my life since January:

I graduated! (With highest honors. I am a nerd. Thanks for listening. I'm done bragging now.)

I started spinning again. Sort of.

I grew my first solo garden!

I processed a total of 7.5lbs of basil into pesto for my freezer.

I had a blast at Mountain Jam, Oldsongs, and GrassRoots music festivals!

I got a "new" van! A '93 Dodge Caravan! I pimped it out so that I can sleep in it when I have far away events. It is totally dope. That's a Buzz Lightyear air mattress, by the way.

Most of all, I've cooked and eaten lots of delicious food in my HUGE kitchen in my new apartment.

I also went to Cape Cod a couple times, I've been traveling all over the place selling jewelry, I'm working on a new website, I build an awesome hookah for a final project, I did some nice ceramics work, I've been hula hooping again, and I have some beautiful new designs up on Etsy!

Hi! If you made it to the end, thanks for looking! I promise that my upcoming posts won't be this nutty.


Harriet said...

Blogger gets cranky if you ignore it too long. Wordpress simply acts as if it's forgotten who you are and wants your password.

Great post. I like catch-up posts with lots of pictures. Congrats on everything, especially graduating and your garden.

Robin Marie said...

Thanks Harriet!

Blogger just flipped out! I think because I was trying to drag my photos around.

Anonymous said...

I like this post tons, Robin! You know what's said, a picture's worth a thousand words. So, your post is rich and fun to see and read. I'm super proud of you! Hope our paths cross soon somewhere along the way! Love, Paula

Robin Marie said...

Thanks Paula! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought it would be more fun than lots and lots of words :)

BetteJo said...

Okay, do not ever think you can't be proud of graduating - and doing it with highest honors! That's terrific!

As for the rest - omg you make me tired. I know I didn't have the energy you do when I was your age and I certainly don't have it now! But good for you - I don't see anything holding you down if you want something. :)

Robin Marie said...

Hi BetteJo!

I'm finally back in blogland! I've missed you! Thanks for your kind comments :) How have you been? How is Dani doing?

Rows Red said...

Huzzah! Much catching up and wonderfulness! Congratulations on your graduation!

I miss you bunches, see you this weekend (hopefully). :)


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