Saturday, December 2, 2006

On the Booth, and Internet Sales

Ah, the booth. The single most nerve wracking experience a tiny business like mine can experience. It's hard enough to wrangle a space, but that's only the beginning. Is it going to be worth my time? My money? Will people notice me? Will I make back what I've spent on this space? Will I leave feeling completely unoriginal? Anxiety asks many questions.

The flip side of that is when a day goes really well, and you realize you've got nothing left. The sites need to be stocked, but there's nothing to stock them with, and of course, no time to make more! Because internet selling isn't just a matter of making the jewelry, there are still photos to be taken, touched up, and uploaded. Measurements to be taken, descriptions to be written. Not to mention the promotion that goes into it. Selling online takes a whole different kind of creativity, and patience I never knew I had.

My experience so far has been that offline my work sells quickly, online take more waiting. Whether it's the face to face conversations, the ability to pick up and try on one's purchase, or simply a higher exposure, the real world seems to work better for me. This isn't enough to make me abandon my post online, and I will never stop selling offline, so it looks like I'll be anxious forever!

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