Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The O'Dark Haul

Last Thursday morning was the Wonderful Things Annual Sale, dubbed the O'Dark Sale by my friend Tina because of how early she has to get up to get there. The deal is, if you're at the door at 7am you get a stamp and everything is 40% off for the day. 8am means 30%, and 9 is good for 20%. What this means is that she was up at 5:30 I was up at 4:30. Lest you think she and I are the only crazy ones, there was a line of 20+ people at that door at 7. Tina has some great photos in her post about the event and you should check it out! This year it was just she and I, and we were super quick. Tina needed to be at work, a solid 45 minutes away, by 9:45. We really wanted breakfast. We made it with time to spare! We were in the door, through the shop, and in line to pay by 7:35!

I set myself a budget based on how much money I had awarded myself for exercising (if you're on Ravelry you should check out the Exer-stashers group) and then totally blew it. Oops. I tell myself it's alright because this is the last yarn shopping I'm doing until Rhinebeck. I may allow myself one skein at Clermont, but really. This is the year of stash knitting. I will be keeping track of how much I knit up, an I do aim for a big number.

Anyhow, enough babble. Here are the goodies:

Cascade 220 Heathers - Walnut
6 skeins of Cascade 220 in Walnut Heather

Miraculously, I was the very first person at the 220 wall...I think this helped our speed because last year it was a mess!

Pagewood Farm Chugiak - Chocolate
Pagewood Farm Chugiak in Chocolate

I didn't even hesitate when I saw this color. I snapped it up. Then I realized it was the same yarn I was using for a pair of socks! Yarn I happened to buy at the sale last year. If there was any doubt in my mind that I wanted it, that sealed the deal.

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select - Java
Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select in Java

This was a bit of a strange color choice for me, but you can't deny its beauty, and I've wanted to try Cherry Tree Hill for a while and see what all the fuss is about. Tina loved it too (though not so much the mustard colors I kept hurling at her.)

Cleckheaton Country Silk 8ply
Cleckheaton Country Silk 8ply in 3 Colors

This was my downfall. I found it in the orphanage (the last of or discontinued yarns go there) and I couldn't resist. It's merino with silk tweed!! What's not to love!! Plus the colors are undeniably fun. Until this point I was pretty much sticking to my budget. I think I'm going to make some crazy colorwork slippers with them.


Rows Red said...

It's so weird, but the photos on your blog always show up in black and white... yet in my google feed reader page they were in color. Odd!

I had a great time with you on Thursday, thank you for getting up so godawful early and sharing the fun with me! I like how you shop on a mission, you've got discipline, no matter what you might think.

No WONDER I liked your Cherry Tree Hill! Java is one of those colors I keep meaining to buy ever since I saw a former Knit Night-er making a pair of socks for her husband in that color. Purty.

Harriet said...

Beautiful!!! I love Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I've made two pair of socks from it. Monkey's for myself and plain jane's for my niece. The dye has a tendency to run (when I was knitting the Monkey's my hands looked positively smurfish).

監控 said...


Laura Bray said...

Yummy yarn! Thanks for leaving a comment about my newsletter article! I love interactive readers like you!


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