Friday, December 12, 2008

Is Nothing Sacred?!

Is Nothing Sacred?, originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

Chairman Meow, my boyfriend's cat, chewed through one of my dpns last night. This is my most used, most loved set! She's in so much trouble right now!

A note on why I haven't been posting (surprise surprise).

I've got a huge amount of knitting to do for Christmas this year, which means I can't post about any of my new knitting projects. It also means I haven't really been reading much because I've been knitting constantly. Additionally, time spent blogging is time that is not spent knitting!

I promise that after Christmas you won't be able to shut me up!


BetteJo said...

Chairman Meow! Lol! Oh, um .. BAD KITTY!! BAD KITTY!!
I still love the name though.

Andrea said...

Oh my! I see this is an old post, but... is the kitty still around after doing this? :-)

Robin Marie said...

She is, but she's in trouble! I actually managed to re-sharpen the needle, so now it's just a bit short. I use it as my cable-round needle


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