Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Flooding, Taxes and New Orleans, oh my!

Sorry, no real time for an update, here's my news:

#17 Slaughterhouse-Five, liked it quite a bit, audiobook, more later.

Heading down to New Orleans at 2:30am Saturday.

BUSY as all hell with studio work.

DIDN'T fail my Jazz midterm:)

DID file my taxes!

Also, my bedroom flooded this past weekend, so I'm sleeping in the living room. It SUCKS.

Also also, I signed a lease today for a room for next semester. I'm totally excited. My own room. Oh bliss, oh joy!

1 comment:

BetteJo said...

My daughter has had her own room this year and she really loves it. It's small but cozy and she has made it her own.

Hope your current room dries out soon - being displaced can really wreck your disposition!


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